Ways to Save the Lapwing Birds from Extinction

Did you know that lapwing birds have a decreasing population?

Lapwing birds are migrants in Europe. But with the land expansion, farming, and other environmental concerns, the species are slowly decreasing in number. Similarly, its eggs held a cultural significance back then.

“Plover’s eggs” used to be an expensive delicacy in Victorian Europe. There was also a yearly competition on finding the first peewit egg in the Netherlands. But the eggs were especially popular in the province of Friesland, where regional competitions were staged and some eggs were offered by the locals to the mayors or other significant authorities.

Although gathering lapwing eggs has been prohibited by the European Union, only Friesland was granted an exemption for its tradition. In 2005, the province exemption was removed. Lately, hunting the species’ eggs are already banned.

Even with these laws, the bird’s population is still significantly reduced. Besides following the hunting law and other conservatory efforts of the government, there are still other ways to help to save the lapwing birds from going extinct:

Share Your Love of Birds

birdThis helps in increasing awareness on the situation changed of the endangered birds. You can draw the attention of conservationists and get more chances of getting active involvement of the general public.

This is a good opportunity to get as many supporters as you can in your cause of preserving the lapwing population. You can inspire others to help you and get as many donations as you can to proceed with your mission. Thereby, sharing your love for birds creates a great and lasting impact on the conservation effort.

Avoid Handling Fledglings

Fledglings are birds that have not yet left the nest. These birds are yet to mature and develop fully before they are capable of flying and joining their parents. They are temperature-sensitive, and parent birds are very protective over them.

When you attempt to touch or move a fledgling, you might introduce them to bacteria and illnesses. You might even cause physical harm.

If you found a nest with hatchlings in it, let them be. Adore them by simply looking at them and never try to feed your curiosity by touching them or handling them in any way.


Plant Native Species

Local birds are attracted to native plants. They are well-adapted to the indigenous plants that grow in your town. They provide a conducive environment for the endangered species. They make a good place to breed and reproduce. Generally, planting native plants helps in increasing the biodiversity of the place.