Advertise with the Save the Lapwing Eggs Organization

Save the Lapwing Eggs Organization has been a leader of protecting the species from their extinction. We have been keen on creating a peaceful world for these birds. A place where they can thrive without the harsh intricacies of mankind.

Our crusade has reached the hearts of the people in and across Europe. We are pleased to have received generous support from notable figures and benevolent people. We have worked with various organizations who share the same vision as ours.

As we move forward with our goals and aspirations, our small community has turned into a bigger group of altruists and supporters. We have successfully knocked on the hearts of many individuals now, and we are proud to have reached an even growing scope of audience.

Advertising with Save the Lapwing Eggs Organization allows you to tell your story to a variety of audiences — philanthropists, influencers, volunteers, and like-minded individuals. We’re thankful for the support and recognition we’ve received for the past years, and we’ll likely achieve more having all of you in this journey.